Uprising Skyblock Server

Welcome all Galaxians to the Official Galaxico forums!

In this announcement we're going to discuss some of the key features and information you are going to know before and while playing the server.

So.. what exactly is Galaxico?
Galaxico is a Semi-OP Competitive Skyblock server that offers tons of cool and unique features such as Minions, Server boosters, Big events, Membership program, and more! We can guarantee limitless fun and possibilities on our server.

How do payouts work?
Payouts are every week and seasons last for 6 weeks.. every season we will be adding tons of new features, resetting the maps, and possibly even get new spawns and arenas! Below are the weekly payouts.

1st - $25 PayPal // $20 Store Voucher
2nd - $15 PayPal // $10 Store Voucher
3rd - $15 Store Voucher

At the end of each season the island owner will be contacted via discord or in game to receive their prize

Teams and Nitro boosting
Galaxico offers many rewards for our supporters.. for island leaders we offer store vouchers for various sizes of teams, and for nitro boosters we offer 3 in game rewards, all of which can be found below!

Team rewards:
Team of 10 - $10 Store Voucher
Team of 15 - $25 Store Voucher
Team of 20 - $50 Store Voucher

Boosting rewards:
$20,000 In game currency
2 Rare Crate keys
$10 Store voucher

Discord features and perks
In our discord server we offer many amazing features that can assist you in game! Our custom bot provides games you are able to play on discord to receive in game currency. We also do offer invite rewards which can be found below this section.

5 Invites =...