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    -=+Application Questions+=-

    Please answer all questions with well thought out, complete sentences.

    1. What is your IGN (In-game name)? My in-game name is JSoffer.
    2. What is your current age? I am currently 20 years old.
    3. In which time zone do you currently live? I currently live in Eastern Time Zone.
    4. How much time will you be able to contribute to the server? I can spend anywhere from 1 to 6 hours on the server. Allow me to explain. What I mean by this is based on my responsibilities, I am willing to devote as much time as necessary, up to 6 hours per day to fulfill the server responsibilities assigned to me and helping other staff if needed.
    5. Have you ever been punished on any other servers or Galaxico? If yes, why? No, I have never been punished on any servers.
    6. How much playtime do you have on our server at the time of writing? At the time of writing I have about 17 hours of playtime on the server.
    7. Have you ever donated or considered donating to the server? I have donated to the server in the past such as when I was previously staff and bought the animated banner. I also am considering to possibly donate more in the future.
    8. What skills do you possess that you feel could be useful to our team and the server?
    In addition to what is mentioned later in my app, my enthusiasm and dedication are key attributes I can bring that others may not be able to or not to the same quality level that I can bring. I also believe I am extremely motivated and determined to get things done. This is evident by my past experience and attention to detail along with the countless hours I put into doing what is assigned/expected of me to do. If you would like examples of specific server tasks I am able to help with, I am happy to provide. Additionally, my ability to adapt to unexpected events and come up with an appropriate solution in a timely manner is also something I can offer that others probably cannot do as well. Furthermore, my flexible hours and ability to work for long periods of uninterrupted time are extremely rare to find. Lastly, I think what is unique to me is my commitment and what I have to offer.

    9. What would you say is the best part about our server? The best part about Galaxico is seeing how committed the staff are and therefore knowing the server is well-off. I can see this by the frequent server updates and staff responding quickly to player’s questions. It makes me feel proud to be a part of a server (player or staff) where this environment exists and thrives.

    10. Why do you want to help our server? Considering I already was previously staff here, I know that this server is one that is committed and passionate about what is being done on it. It brings me great pleasure to help people with the same passion and drive as myself. Additionally, I believe I can help due to my vast experience in multiple areas.

    11. Do you have any past experience with being a staff member on any other server?
    As for my experience, I have been playing Minecraft/doing servers since I first entered high school (roughly 7 years ago). To start from the beginning, in high school, my friend and I decided to create a server. We were so successful that we actually got the server working through our high school’s online network and students would play anytime they were free – before or after school, during lunch, or even study halls.

    This became so big it almost became like a business. My friend and I would sell different unique features we created to other players from our high school. Players in our high school would text us and we would meet them to receive money for new features they bought. I remember one kid wanting a sword that could kill any player with one hit. I earned $90 from just that one transaction alone. We made so much money off this throughout all 4 years of our high school journey and ultimately grew to over 50 players but sadly when we graduated the server had to come to an end.

    Flash forward a few months and I become determined to start the server over again… but I can’t obviously do it being through my high school and it was summer, and it had already been shut down.

    Researching online at the community Minecraft forums, I saw other people creating servers. I applied to be staff on some and sure enough got in.

    When I first joined Blitzecraft and was accepted, I had to start over again at a very low position as a moderator. Turns out the owner must have really liked me because I jumped 5 levels of hierarchy for staff roles, becoming an owner ultimately.

    However something just did not seem right. As I came to learn more and more about the owner, I discovered a lot of alarming things including multiple ethical issues and mistreatment of staff.

    Now a lot of people in the game community became frustrated and lost interest. The community was falling apart. I stepped in, creating a new server of my own that the community would be a part of with revamped improvements and better quality game play for everyone to enjoy.

    This is the birth of my server network. Krafted Kingdom as I so came to call it became the platform for many new opportunities. Having full control over every decision, there was a lot involved.

    Hiring, training, and managing employees from multiple countries and continents of the world. Creating a website and chat forums. Establishing a video trailer marketing campaign to further promote the server. Leading meetings and managing a budget. The knowledge I gained allowed me to create a much better experience for gamers.

    After about a year, I decided to sell this business to focus on my studies at college but throughout this time, I have worked on many different servers with all roles except for builder. Thus, I strongly believe I would have relevant experience and could apply these skills I have acquired towards being a good staff member Galaxico.

    12. Would you call yourself a leader? Yes, I would call myself a leader. I want to be specific of what type of leader I am though. I am NOT a dictator or leader that makes all the decisions. Rather I am an effective and communicative leader who takes what everyone says into consideration and works with the appropriate people towards making a decision.

    13. Please explain a difficult situation you have had to deal with and how you have handled it. One time while working as an admin on a Minecraft server called Oranis, I was working with the owner and a manager to meet a deadline on releasing a pvp game mode to the server. The owner and manager could not agree with each other on the details of how to implement the pvp game mode and the deadline we had set was near. It was obvious we needed to work better as a team, so I invited them both to play some pvp games on other servers for inspiration where we were able to collaborate and openly discuss all of our ideas. By playing on other pvp servers, it allowed us to see that we all had similar visions for how we wanted to implement our pvp game mode but disagreed on smaller less important aspects. After hearing both of their plans, we made a list of everything we were going to include in the pvp game mode using the best and most efficient ideas we all agreed on. In the end we created the pvp game mode ahead of schedule, making our players very happy and committed to staying with our server despite earlier frustrations of the pvp game mode possibly not being released on time. On top of all this, it turned out afterward that the owner and manager worked together even more where they produced some of the best new game updates to Oranis during my time as admin with the server. I feel this experience helped me improve my ability to collaborate and work as part of a team while growing in my leadership skills as well.

    14. Do you have any other information? I understand being staff on Galaxico is no joking matter. If approved, I would take the position with great responsibility and integrity. I am aware that it is important to be professional and listen to what others say and promise to abide to these things.

    Scenario -

    1. You are online with a fellow staff member, when you spot them breaking the rules. They are one rank above you. How would you go about getting this situation taken care of without making the staff member/staff team look bad? If I were to catch a fellow staff member breaking the rules, I would take the following course of action. I would first screenshot/screen record the staff breaking the rules. Next, I would send the screenshot(s)/screen recording to a higher staff member in management privately who could then better access the situation and provide me with an explanation for what I should do. Lastly, I would follow their advice and do the appropriate action.
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    Denied as we are not currently looking for staff we will let the community know when we are next looking for staff.

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